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Student house for San Giobbe

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General characters of the project

The main theme of this design is a student house for 150 students.
The building should not be limited to providing housing and all the services related to it such as canteens, study rooms, recreation areas, but should serve as a center for upgrading a portion of a dense city architecture and railway sheds.
The building aims to integrate an intense density of public spaces opened and half-covered, in which every person has the opportunity to access and enjoy spectacular views of the Venetian rooftops and the lagoon.

Venetian inspirations

The project has strong references and reinterpretations of the best Venetian features such as the continuous and relentless change of routes and views, the strong relationship with water, the contrast of the transition between and vast and tiny environments, between dark and bright areas.
Designing lodging, the main reference was the theme of flexibility of public spaces, so it was decided to place three different types of residence: for one, two, or three people.

Connection to the sky

In Venice the theme of the connection to the sky is very strong, as much as the connection to the ground, in fact, the Venetian rooftops are lived through Altane (roof terraces) in the same way as the ground floor.
In this project, the concept has been emphasized by designing spaces where, almost in all of the points of the structure, it is possible to see glimmers of heaven or glimmers of water.


San Giobbe, Venice, Italy

Project type

Group project by:


Luca Bellussi
Marcin Dabrowski
Stefano Zugno


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