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Connecting the two Venices

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W.A.VE. 2014 "Workshop estivo con Architetti 

Driss Kettani and Mohamed Amine Siana

The project of a connection between Porto Marghera and Venice is a cultural path between Venice and Marghera through the study and interpretation of history, morals and habits of the touristic town, reflected in the industrial city.

The only land connection between these two urban functions is represented today by the “Liberty Bridge” which provides a direct transport line to Venetian island.

Once the most used way was the lagoon area that allowed people to reach every place of Venice, creating a network of increasingly dense water roads within the urban structure.

The project therefore includes the original idea of ​​a diversified link access rather than concentrating them in one direction.

The interpretation that emerged from the design considerations led to the development of a cultural journey featuring nine pavilions that guide the visitors through the knowledge of the two Venices.

The first pavilion, located in Marghera, is an abstract implementation of the reproduction of the Venetian galley, the other eight instead indicate succeeding eight type of ships produced in Venice shipyards.


Marghera / Venice, Italy

Project type

Group workshop by:


Luca Bellussi
Marcin Dabrowski
Priscilla Domirti
Chiara Regina Grego

Project motto

Venice and Marghera: two faces of the same city.

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