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An interrupted continuity

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An interrupted continuity 02.jpg


Philosophy of drawing.
The main theme of this project was to find a non conventional way of representing a masterpiece of architecture - The Chapel of the Tomba Brion at the Altivole Cemetery in the Provence of Treviso, Italy, a project by Carlo Scarpa.

I found two topics to be represented: "The imperfect ideal" and "An Interrupted continuity".



Tomba Brion

Altivole Cemetery (TV)


Personal research

Project type




Harmony between the parties.

At the same time there is a lack of direct correspondence.

Two opposing concepts coexist perfectly.

Everything is completed.

It coexists.

It stays.

An interrupted continuity 01.jpg
An interrupted continuity 02.jpg
An interrupted continuity 03.jpg
An interrupted continuity 04.jpg
An interrupted continuity 05.jpg



Geometric figure characterized by right angles.


The exact opposite.

A fluid figure, as if it came from nature.

Edges are combined with curved lines.

They are made up. They form a whole. They tell something.

They become a portal. The entrance, a point of passage.

But the circle is particular. It is interrupted.

As if it sank underground and its junction was invisible.

A part is hidden but the circle always maintains its identity.

It is unmatched. Perfect despite everything.

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