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5 Spaces House

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Project type

W.A.VE. 2015
Summer workshop with Arch. Manuel Aires Mateus

Build a place to live in Venice.
An urban void; a stream, branch, a foundation, a court, a small square or a field; occupying the Grand Canal or lagoon, or an abandoned construction; the invasion of a roof terraces on the roofs, a building, a pavilion or a cloister; through the demolition of a building or the closure of a road, or digging spaces in an underground river; creating of an island, or a tower; building a bridge over the existing city, invading a ruin, a garden or a square, with the purpose of defining the conditions for living in Venice.

Group workshop by:

Sergiu Cernea
Isthar Costa
Marcin Dabrowski
Susanna De Vido
Alessia Iannoli


The project proposal is a houseboat with a very simple shape, it remembers the archetype of the house that everyone immediately recognize - to resume the idea of ​​the floating World Theatre by Aldo Rossi in Venice.

The house aims to have five internal spaces:

a place for the water, the bath
a place for rest, the bedroom
a place for study, the library,
a place to eat, the kitchen,
a place to share and stay, the living area

Each room has a unique character, which is recognizable to its habitability.

Each space contains an individual intrinsic value, keeping at the same time a relationship with others.

It is a floating house so it can be positioned everywhere along the Lagoon canals.


Venetian Lagoon, Venice, Italy

5 spaces plan.jpg

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